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Infosum: Office Refurbishment

Infosum - Office Refurbishment

Infosum are a cutting edge technology company with a growing team so it was time for a newer, bigger office to represent their exciting and unique style. When they moved into their new office space they wanted a complete refurb that included a games room, kitchen, state of the art meeting rooms and bathroom areas. The company owner is a big fan of the colour orange and wanted this to play a big part in the whole look of the new office.


The games room had a pool table with a bench area with dimmed lighting to ensure a calm but fun recreational area. The kitchen was open and inviting encouraging interaction within  the office. The meeting rooms were bright and airy with bespoke glass windows and doors. The break out areas were designed and bespoke built with great lighting and comfortable seating. The large glassed areas of the meeting rooms had huge printed vinyls that were designed especially for Infosum that added a real personal touch to the whole office.

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