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Acer: Predator Event

Acer: Predator Event

The client had expressed in the brief given that this event was experiential and we were to come up with an idea that revolved around an interactive game. With the information given the in house design team came up with the idea of an “experiential race seat”.

The design was put together and sent in the format of 3D visuals. The client loved it and we set to work. The colours and design were built around the feel and look of Predator with the black matt frame and the red LED lights running across the frame.


The seat was able to seat one person and had two large screens attached to the purpose built frame to play a racing game giving the interactive feel of driving! The feedback from the client was extremely positive and drew in many event attendees meaning the “experiential race seat” had the desired effect.

The Acer team estimated at over 400 people had a go at the racing game in one day! Apex installed and de-rigged the event and all elements of the event are currently in our secure storage.

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