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Acer: Studio Build

Acer: Studio Build

As we all know, the past 18 months have meant events and customer engagements have been a little different… For everyone! So we would like to show you a little journey of how we turned an entire room from a dull office conference room into a fun bright Studio extravaganza!!

There were lights, soft furnishings, bespoke hand made tables, chairs and so much more!! We knew just how important it was for our client to be able to “carry on” with their concept and we were not going to let anything get in our way!! Including the dreaded C word!!

A must see, a must have… Colour changing ambient, light adjusting LEDS!! They add so much power to the whole room! ( well done to our tech team, as always… brilliant!!)

Another customer who trusted us to deliver what was promised … for that we thank them whole heartedly!

Thanks to the team who carried on excelling in what they do best despite strange times!

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